Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Back In The Saddle Again: Moving Home to the Annapolis Valley

It has been a crazy week and a half! I've listened to more country music than I have in years in the past 12 days and heard the word "koozie" more than anyone ever needs to. 

In the past 20 days I have moved across the country from BC back to my hometown; Middleton, Nova Scotia. My life is still in boxes; my parent’s house has not been a great place to set up shop. Good news though, we move into our PMQ on Friday! 

I started working again until I can lock down another radio job but that may take a little while. I have been way too busy, but hopefully things will calm down soon.

Living at home has been a little overwhelming. I went from being the queen of the house with my gigantic bedroom to being less than a guest. My sister and brother are both at home right now so all of their crap as been piled in the bedroom that is now mine and there is legitimately only a path to and from the bed for space in the room. Some of the stuff is mine so I have been taking on the Bruce's hoarding problem slowly but surely. The clutter is a one-day at a time battle. 

There are a ton of topics I would like to take on in the blog, things that I find so funny or interesting that I can write about. Stay tuned and soon you maybe hearing about all the Annapolis Valley problems you can handle!

The big one on everyone's mind is something that actually drove me crazy after moving to BC, something I could never get used to, adding the area code to phone numbers when making phone calls. That is about to be necessary here in Nova Scotia and it is a very controversial topic. It bothers people almost as much as going to the Dartmouth Costco instead of the timeless Bayers Lake Costco. That is hot topic for another day... 

The Annapolis Valley Exhibition has come and gone. I was a distinguished guest and Judge for Exhibition Idol. I took in the rodeo and many a meal at the Ex. My jeans are a little tighter this week as a result. 

I took in two flicks at the Valley Drive In over the weekend, "Into The Storm" and "Expendables 3". 

I've dined at 2/3 of my favourite places in Halifax (Habaneros and Boneheads); Press Gang will be on the docket for our next fancy trip to Halifax. Yesterday we visited to go car/motorcycle shopping so it was a quick half-day trip. We managed to get a quick walk on the Waterfront in and introduced Butters to Theodore the Tugboat. 

I have been a busy girl getting my fill of my favourite things here at home. Now I am off to celebrate Armed Forces Day at CFB Greenwood. Kevin is working security, he was a little sad that he would not get to witness the kids suiting up for the different events. 

Next blog will be giving you the low-down on Armed Forces Day and then hopefully I will touch on one of my favourite new places in the Valley!

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