Sunday, August 3, 2014

Happy Moments: Capturing Them with Fujifilm's Instax Mini 8

I am a spoiled young lady!

This bad boy was waiting for me when I arrived in Calgary Thursday evening. Ill have a blog coming up about my amazing trip to YYC coming up a little later this week, it has been too busy to blog so far! Between packing up eight massive boxes to ship across the country back to Nova Scotia, Friday night’s Stampeders game, wining and dining there has not been much time to put my thoughts in blog form.

Today, just a quick not about the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8, I was so surprised to receive this when I arrived in Calgary. Sometimes I wonder how often people still get their photos printed these days. We take so many photos these days of everything from our meals to hairstyles and outfits just going to work on an average day (yes, I know people who “selfie” their outfits on Instagram everyday before work), printing them all would be unreal! Not only would it be costly, it would be super lame. Think about labeling all those photos the way photos in photo albums are captioned on the reverse side of the photo, so many of them would be #ridiculous.

I am so excited to give the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 a test run today when my cousin brings her baby over an have some instantly printed photos to take home to Nova Scotia to my grandmother who has only met her great-grandson once.  The last time we visited family in Ontario I had to make a trek through Oakville to find a place with a working photo printer to print photos for my boyfriend’s grandparents, all of the places I normally print photos (Walmart and Shoppers) were unable to print photos in seconds. That is no longer a worry with my new toy!

I am hoping we can capture some special moments from Kev’s military graduation on Thursday with this camera for his family. I feel like using it is kind of like a retro throwback to an old school Polaroid camera! 

Side note, nothing about this is mini! I am surprised at the size of the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8, it makes sense that it is larger than the digital cameras that I am used to because it prints credit card sized photos. Still, I am so used to having one of the smallest cameras on the market (Nikon’s Coolpix S01 10.1 MP Digital Camera) that people often refer to as a “spy camera”, so this is a big adjustment!

I think this is going to be such a fun addition to big events like weddings and family reunions, but I may have to buy a bigger purse soon with all of these new gadgets!

I’ll let you know how our test run goes this afternoon! :)

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