Saturday, August 2, 2014

July 30, 2014- Castlegar Sculpture Walk Sculpture of the Day “Echino II"

It is very fitting that my final Castlegar Sculpture Walk feature is about the sculpture I have seen the
most. Everyday as I broadcast from the GOAT studios I had the prime viewing space to see Sculpture Walk viewer’s reactions to “Echino II”. Surprisingly, they all had the same one, to reach out and touch it!

"Echino II" is actually the sculpture that The GOAT and Juice FM sponsored for the Castlegar Sculpture Walk (that is one of the reasons I saved it for the end of my blog series).

“Echino II” stands out on Castlegar’s Sculpture Walk and was created by Calgary’s Greg Jones. I think Jones did a fabulous job creating this sea urchin with a very mechanical twist. For more on “Echino II” and Greg Jones click here.

To view my previous sculpture, the second to last blog in my series on Castlegar’s Sculpture Walk “Friends & Neighbours” click here.

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