Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Life and Lou

I often start my blogs off with a comment about how crazy life has been and an explanation about why I have been too busy too blog. This blog is no different. Since leaving the radio game and moving back home to the Annapolis Valley things have been different, busy and very adult. I know that is a weird way to explain it but we have a new responsibility that is making us feel extremely accountable for my time, a puppy. I have discussed getting a puppy in previous blogs, when the puppies were born before we actually took custody of our little guy.

Now our lives are all about Lou.

Seriously. Lou is ruling all right now at 5 Lodge. Let me explain…

Lou looking pretty annoyed after his first bath.
Growing up my family always had a dog, always. Living on a big farm it was never a problem, it was natural to have a puppy that overtime transitioned into a dog that could be left alone and find things to do all day.

The last time I blogged about the puppies we had not determined which one we would pick. I am happy to announce we have a 9-week-old addition to the family who is relatively lazy male that is about 99% cocoa chocolate lab in the sun. He is pretty much black but it has been debated off and on since we brought him home, I think he is just a very dark brown. To celebrate his 9-week birthday I bathed him for the first time and he is not very happy about it. He is growing so fast, I wish we could freeze him in time for a little while.

Life has changed in the week and a half since we brought Lou home. We have scheduled every last minute outside of our house so that Lou will not be alone, since he came home he has only been left home alone for about an hour total. He was not a fan. We have had to settle in at night a lot earlier, Lou wakes up rather early for us and sleep levels have been rather low. Being completely honest, Lou sleeps on the bed. I said it would never happen, but he really does not like to be alone on his mat or in his crate in the dark.

Lou hates the car. Soon he will be too big to hold, to carry or to even sit on my lap. If is mother is a good indicator of his future behavior than it won’t matter how big he gets, he will still try to be a lap dog.

Lou has definitely been a learning experience and it is really about time that I develop a backbone. Between the three of us we have all given in to Lou a lot. He has been incredibly easy to teach to do his business outside, now we have to teach him how to be alone. I think it is going to be much tougher. Working at the restaurant I have been home all day with him and given up my gym time and the boys have been staying at home with in the evenings while I have been at work.

This brings me to another big piece of news, proving everything in life really does happen all at once. I have accepted a 9-5 job in an industry I never thought I would work in, banking. I will be taking on a marketing role with a bank in the Annapolis Valley (I will give more details after I actually get rolling with the job on Monday) starting Monday. As I was offered this unique opportunity to develop my marketing skills I was also offered another opportunity in the industry I am actually trained in, radio. I do not want to give out too many specifics because that role has not been advertised yet, but turning it down was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make.

Before moving to the Kootenays the exact same thing happened to me, I was offered a Promotions Director gig at a Calgary station and the Midday Host/Promotions Coordinator position (that I accepted) for Vista Radio Kootenays. I maintain that I made the right call there, moving to BC and taking on the roles that I filled at the station was a big challenge for me; I hope I will learn as much with this new position I am taking on here in the Annapolis Valley.

I am very sad about my continued temporary hiatus from the radio world, but I think this is the best decision for the time being.

Now to wean Lou off of all the daytime attention he has been receiving. Right now he is pretty annoyed with me for bathing him so he has cut me off, lets see how long it lasts!

One last thing, did I mention how fast he is growing?

Sometimes I write my blogs to get something off my chest or to practice writing creatively or objectively if I have been silent for a little while. This blog is simply a reminder to future Kate about this weird phase of life, when everything seemed to be inconveniently coming together after a shit storm of craziness. Sorry for the language there, but I could not think of a better way to describe the last few months.

This is a reminder that at a time when everything was swirling and twirling around in life (the way it does for 25 year olds) there was a 9 week old little puppy around who wanted nothing more than to cuddle up all day and sleep on your feet to keep you in one place for a little while. Someday Lou will not want to slow me down, unfortunately I fear that the day is coming soon that will have me struggling to keep up with him. I saw hints of this today as I fought to keep him in the bathtub. This is a reminder of his needy/toddler days when it was a challenge for Lou to stay awake to play sometimes because his little puppy eyes needed to nap.

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