Monday, July 7, 2014

July 07, 2014- Castlegar Sculpture Walk Sculpture of the Day “Link”

Tonight’s Castlegar Sculpture Walk blog of the day is super short; it is too hot to type! Tomorrow’s blog might be even shorter than this one if it gets to be 36 degrees, as the forecast predicts!

“Link” is an incredibly hard sculpture to capture in a photo. I recommend you check out more about artist Mir Agol and “Link” here on Castlegar Sculpture Walk’s website to see it in it’s full glory.  Mir Agol is formerly a BC artist; he now lives and works in Washington. To see it in better lighting and find out more about Mir Agol click here.

I like this sculpture because it represents (to me) how interconnected we all are and how lucky we are when we can make a special connection with another person. “Link” stands tall amongst other sculptures outside of Castlegar’s City Hall and the RCMP Detachment on Columbia Avenue.

To see my previous Castlegar Sculpture Walk blog on “Tundra”click here.

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