Sunday, March 30, 2014

Just A Couple Of Hours Away From Turning Twenty-Five

In less than two hours I will be twenty-five.

To me it is pretty crazy. Twenty-four has been such a huge year that I am not quite sure how twenty-five could top it.

The following happened in my twenty-fourth year:
-I finally finished school. RTA ended, even though I did not cross the stage with my schoolmates and received my diploma via Canada Post.
-I chose to miss my tech school graduation because I was crossing seeing my favourite band of all time Fleetwood Mac off my bucket list.
-I bought and totalled my first car. Part of that has to do with my first run-in with a real life bear.
-I visited two of my favourite places on Earth.
-I interned with the most passionate people in radio at NewCap Calgary for a second round of real world schoolin’.
-I witnessed the crazy Calgary flood and got to help in the clean up and rebuilding efforts.
-While cleaning up the city with AMP Radio I had to make one of the most important career decisions I will ever make; take a major market job with specific skill development or take the challenge of an on-air position in a small (ish) market to develop new skills.
-With that decision I left the comfort of Calgary and moved in one carload to a province I had never even visited, British Columbia.

Yes, those were some big moments that really helped my twenty-fourth year take shape. With the new adventure to British Columbia I have learned so much. New challenges and adventures are so forthcoming right now it is hard believe the amount of learning that will be happening for me in the next few months.

I will learn how to be appropriately independent and co-dependent while Kevin is away all summer at BMQ. 

I will meet the one-year anniversary of my last interactions with my family before leaving Nova Scotia indefinitely.

I will be forcing my inner-introvert back into her closet as I make friends and get involved more with Kootenay life.

And, on a happy note; hopefully be seeing Fleetwood Mac with the very talented Christine McVie on their 2014 World Tour.

I could tell you all my goals here; it is what I normally do. But, right now I am just focused on one big thing; even though I take pride in my multi-tasking skills.

A couple of the smaller things I am working on though are taking lunch breaks and escaping to the gym, not hitting snooze and getting up at 7am (mostly the not hitting snooze part) and reading all the entire series of books that inspired Game of Thrones.

I must say, twenty-four was a great year; one of the best. My only big birthday wish is that next year at this time there is a dog in my life. That is all.

Here is a tune by one of my current favourite bands, the first release from Supermodel it is "Coming of Age" from Foster the People. 

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