Wednesday, February 12, 2014

"Happy Valentine’s Day, Let’s Watch House of Cards"

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That phrase will be the first thing my boyfriend says to me when I get home from work Friday night. Over the weekend we slayed the entire first season of the Netflix hit and we can’t wait for more. Critically acclaimed and praised by all of our friends, we couldn't miss out on House of Cards and quickly became addicted to it over the weekend. We waited to watch it because we didn't want to develop Game of Thrones syndrome (a condition that leads to anxiety week to week/month to month when waiting for the next episode or season of a show).

Consumed is the appropriate word for our viewing of House of Cards Season One, there really is no other way to watch it. I am a bit baffled by the experience though because all of the characters are so hard to like and I honestly down-right hate some of the key players in the show. Frank Underwood and Zoe Barnes being my two least favourite and Claire Underwood and Peter Russo being my favourite characters, everyone in the show is pretty messed up but I think it is interesting the things I can forgive or understand from Russo and Mrs. Underwood. I do respect Frank Underwood, but I do not trust him for a second, I flip-flop on my opinion on him. Zoe Barnes I straight up hate, from facial expressions to her actions on the show; to me there is no redeeming quality for Ms.Barnes. And, I have no clue what Doug Stamper is up to; I am still torn on his objectives and long-game. 

Holy crap, note to Kate: HOUSE OF CARDS IS A TV SHOW, CALM DOWN!

Yes, I maybe a little too into it right now. But, really isn't this exactly what a TV series aims to do to an audience?

I like that I am conflicted about the characters on House of Cards and that I have these emotional responses to them, to me that really is the goal of entertaining people; to give them an experience that takes them away from their lives and transports them to whatever. For example on my radio show, on my radio show if I can get you to tune out your life’s problems and think/care about Olympic Athletes hooking up thanks to Tinder in Sochi; boom a job well done. If I can make you laugh, even better.

I can’t wait to consume House of Cards Season Two this weekend. Seriously, don’t call or text me… I will be busy. Props to Netflix for backing this amazing show, I can’t wait to see what Netflix comes out with next. Also, Orange is the New Black is also a great Netflix original series for those of you who would rather a laugh.

Here is a preview for Season Two of House of Cards:

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