Monday, February 10, 2014

My First Derby Bout

I moved to the Kootenays in July, from pretty much my first day here people have been telling me all about roller derby. Growing up in Nova Scotia derby was not even on my radar, I didn’t even know that we have derby (I have been told we do). People hear I used to play competitive rugby and hockey and then tell me about derby.

I finally made it out to my first roller derby bout on Saturday night (yes, I had a busy Saturday) when the Kootenay Kannibelles host Fernie’s Avalanche City Roller Girls.

Now I will be completely honest with you, I had no idea what was going on at first (I couldn’t even tell which team was which). But, as the match went on I started to understand it. Getting to see the Kootenays best play for my first game was a treat, after a few minutes it clicked and I totally understood what was going on.

What really surprised me was how many people were at Selkirk College to watch the bout, I have never seen so many people at a woman’s sporting event! Well, other than the Women’s World Championship of Hockey in Halifax. I am so impressed by the turnout to watch derby, way to go Kootenay folk for supporting female sports!

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