Thursday, February 27, 2014

San Diego Vacation Part One: USS Midway and Coronado

I love California; this is my fourth trip to Cali in the past three years.

The first was after graduating from StFX, we went to Anaheim to visit Disneyland.

The second was to San Fran and Napa and Alcatraz.

The third was at this time last year to San Diego. We also visited Laguna Beach and made a quick trip into Anaheim to check out a Ducks game.

This year we are back in San Diego, we did again go back to Anaheim and visited Disneyland again.

But, lets stop in San Diego first. We did a lot in our first couple of days, we visited Kevin’s favourite stop in San Diego the Midway and then spent the afternoon at one of my favourite places, Coronado.

The USS Midway Museum is very interesting, now that we know Kevin will swearing in to the military in a couple of weeks it makes it even more special. This is the second time we have visited the Midway and some of same Veterans who served on the Midway were there telling the same stories that they were telling last year when we were visiting.  We did see some new parts of the Midway, but we did not spend as long on the ship as we did last time.

I clearly did not learn a key lesson from the Midway last year. If you ever go to the Midway do not wear a free flowing dress or skirt, I imagine something a little tighter fitting would be better than my choice of dresses. But, with all of the vertical latter type staircases it is not prime dress wearing space.

There are a lot of great photo-ops on the Midway and lots to learn. There are free audio tours so you can walk around and pick and choose what you want to listen to depending on the zones. Also, you can take guided tours through different areas of the ship and check out discussions on the deck about varying elements of working on an aircraft carrier.

I think the USS Midway is a great place for everyone to check out at least once; it also has a great view of one of my favourite statues, Unconditional Surrender or “The Kiss” as some people call it. I absolutely love it! Lots of people say it is a must to take a kiss photo at its feet. Unconditional Surrender is a gigantic recreation of the iconic photo taken at Times Square in New York.

After visiting the Midway we took the terrifying bridge over to Coronado. I love Coronado, you may recognize the incredible Hotel del Coronado from the Marilyn Monroe film ‘Some Like It Hot’. You can feel all of the history when you walk through the door to the hotel; the beach is absolutely incredible as well.

If you are a big Marilyn Monroe fan you will love Hotel del Coronado, it is a Mecca of Marilyn (in a classy way).

I love roaming around Coronado; it is like taking a trip back in time. We have taken a little break from keto living over the past couple of weeks in preparation for a big cut coming up when we get back to B.C., so we enjoyed milkshakes at a 50s style Diner (jukeboxes and all)!

Coming up in my next blog all the details on the most expensive night of my life and turning into a five year old at Disneyland.

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