Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pet Peeves: Monday Stomach

Props to http://afuturesuccessstory.blogspot.ca/ for the pic.
Okay, this time it is technically Tuesday Stomach. You know what I mean though right? That feeling when you get back to the office Monday after being free-fed all weekend and are forced back into a lunch-hour, no-snacking regime?
I have many pet peeves. Some would say I am border-line unbearable to live with sometimes. But, this is a selfie in the world of pet peeves, one that no one can control but lil’ ole’ me.
I just got back from an extended weekend on Friday, after two seven (plus) hours back and forth to Calgary not only do I feel entitled to eat whatever I want my body is out of its adapted eating schedule and wanting to eat ALL the time. There is no such thing as full right now, nope not even close. I am trying to reign-in my gorgalling (that’s the sound it is making, say it out loud you’ll get it) tummy by not snacking all day and it sucks. Not only did I enjoy being able to eat whatever and whenever, I reveled in it. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday this girl ate it all.  So of course Tuesday my stomach feels like it is part of a famine. Just a few days off the normal eating schedule and it is like it never existed! The Superbowl snacks definitely did not help!
Rant over, time to get supper going. Hello steak, cauliflower and sweet potato, time for Mama to stop complaining. 

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