Friday, February 7, 2014

Viral Video: Friday Roundup


Two blogs in a row talking about the Calgary Flames, this one is unintentional it just happened to pop up on my Twitter feed and I thought I would reflect on it. At the Flames game on Saturday night my boyfriend and I dished about which player we would not like to meet in a fight. We talk about random things all the time, this was not as odd to us as it may seem to you; his answer? Jiri Hudler.

Now, I have no desire to fight anyone. I am as soft as a marshmallow. So my answer was that any of them would beat me. Now, I am not sure the same could be said about basketball. I am pretty bad but Mr. Hudler takes it to a new level in this viral video from NBC Sportsnet. The Lakers and the Flames are both visitingPhilly and have to share the venue, as the 700 level details in this article.

Hockey gear is like second skin to anyone who plays the game, so I am not accepting that his gear made him that much worse than he would have been without it. My favourite part was the high-five, Jiri don’t care… I think he’d even high-five Tom Brady if he was around.

On second thought, I would not want to fight or play anyone in basketball. One v. one, I would get wrecked. I am horrible at both things. Especially when I get laughing, onto the next viral video from the Toronto Zoo; it is adorable.

I am a sucka. I love this panda’s response to the snow. It was the icing on the cake of my Friday. Jenny Fines and I both had a giggle and “awwweeee” moment when this popped up on our screen today.

There you are… two fresh viral videos and one not so fresh video of Tom Brady that is still good for a laugh.

Oh, almost forgot the latest round of Jimmy Kimmel's 'Celebrities Read Mean Tweets', it is not as funny as some of the others but it is still worth a watch! 

Happy Friday!

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