Saturday, March 15, 2014

Jay Onrait's “Anchorboy: True Tales From the World of Sportscasting”

Jay Onrait’s book “Anchorboy: True Tales From the World of Sportscasting” is one of the best books I have read in along time.

I am a huge Jay and Dan fan, I actually read the book a couple months ago and wanted to re-read it before I posted about it. I had been anticipating the release of “Anchorboy” before it was released because of all chitchatting about it on the “Jay and Dan Podcast”. I read the book in about a day, the chapters are very short and you don't want to stop reading Jay's story once you start. 

It has taken me so long to post about "Anchorboy" because I had loaned this book out to other people and finally just got it back. My boyfriend then read it in two days (he couldn't put it down) and then I finally got a chance to read it. It is that good.

The book lives up to all the promotion; it is hilarious. I'm not going to give away any of the stories because they are so good you really should buy the book. I have a couple and it has also been my go-to gift lately for pretty much any guy in my family. 

As a broadcasting nerd myself I really relate to Jay’s idea that everyone in our industry truly is nerdy in one-way or another. We all have a thing. It was my favourite thing he talked about in the book. 

I'm not normally a fan of potty talk. I actually usually hate discussions about poop. Jay talks about doody lots. Be warned. He actually makes horribly gross situations hilarious

One note: I wouldn't read this book in public places. I was in hysterics throughout the book and would have been pretty embarrassed to have anyone see my laughter tears. It totally would have messed up my mascara.

At this point I feel like I know both Jay and Dan. After listening to every episode of the original Podcast on our last drive across Canada last year and continuing to listen and watch whatever we can from them, I think things would get weird if I ran into them. In a weird way I hope I never work with them only for that reason.

If you are American and a fan of Fox Sports Live you need to read this book to get a little history about our national treasures Jay and Dan. If you are Canadian (like I am) this book is a reminder of an amazing period of sportscasting here in Canada and a sad reminder of what we are missing out on.

Read it, love it and tell me what you think!

Click here to checkout the Jay and Dan Podcast. 

**Again, a big THANK YOU to Jay and Dan. Without Sportscentre I would have missed going to so many morning classes during university. You guys gave me a reason to haul my ass out of bed.

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