Monday, March 24, 2014

New Music: The Black Keys "Fever"

Its about damn time. That is by far my favourite comment on the new audio video for the Black Key's latest single called "Fever". I am pretty pumped for the release of "Turn Blue" coming up May 13th.

Whenever I see a Black Keys song come up in my show logs I get pretty pumped up. They are one of the best new rock bands out there and the promise of new music on a mundane Monday has made it the best news of the week (so far).

I really like "Fever". It is catchy, it hooks you with the same Black Keys sound we have come to know and love. I will be honest with you, I can't watch the audio video; it makes me dizzy and even a little nauseous. Amazing things could be happening between swirl segments and I would miss them because my head would still be spinning from the first 10 seconds of the video. 

The same whirl was used in the strangely hypnotic video the Black Keys hyped via Mike Tyson's Twitter on Friday. 

If they didn't have me with their music, they would totally have the 90s child in me with the closing TV shopping graphic. A+ for effort for the Black Keys. 

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