Sunday, March 2, 2014

Rant: Gym Selfies

I’m not sure what annoys me more constant pictures of babies or gym pics on social media.

If you didn’t enjoy that line, stop reading now. You really won’t like what is to come.

You know what, I actually I have an answer to that. I would much rather see cute photos of your baby or pet then a body shot of you at the gym.

Maybe I am a jerk saying this, but to me it is the most self-centered thing you can post. As a friend, I am so proud of your efforts to get out and work out. Good for you (seriously)! Going to the gym everyday takes dedication. It truly is like having a part-time job taking care of your body to get it to competition level for bodybuilding; or working of extra weight you have been carrying around.

Last year around this time I became a dedicated gym-goer, for no real reason. I love the size and shape I was, I was the smallest I have ever been when I started at the gym but my body was still giggly. Also, I had a lot of time on my hands while I was at radio school. I never got on the on my phone at the gym photo-train, in fact I have stopped going to gyms because of people who do this.

At my gym in Calgary every time I went I had to side step around people taking pictures of themselves and talking on the phone while working out. I think it is so obnoxious and (again) self-centered.

To me, the gym is a sacred place. Gyms are places where make-up melts away from your face like you are the Wicked Witch (if you are doing it right). They are places where fashion is not as important as functionality, who cares what you are wearing! The goal is that no one will want to see that outfit and this may sound harsh, but your face when you’re done working out.

I will admit, as soon as I am back from California I am joining the gym in Castlegar. I was pretty obsessive about working out before I moved to B.C., but once I started working my career became my obsession.

Every time I stop going to the gym or playing sports regularly my mind trips me up. I see that I am losing weight (muscle) and think it is all going to be okay by just eating smart. But, after that drop in weight and fun period that makes you think you never needed to go to the gym in the first place to drop weight, you start to blow up the scale again.

Right now I will gladly post that I am 171lbs on vacation (yup, a little chubby). This is the largest I have been in a while, I have been weighing in about 165lbs but on vacation I have been retaining water and eating pretty poorly (sweets and wine).

I actually really like the routine of going to the gym. For me, it has been really hard to try to get back to working out since I have moved to B.C. I have not really had a routine since I moved to B.C.; at first it was constant trips around to Calgary and Vancouver. Then it shifted to periods co-hosting the morning show and pretty much constant exhaustion (it really was not for me). I am a person who thrives when I am able to have a routine and it looks like now I can finally get back into one.

Right now, I can’t wait to get back to the gym when I get back to B.C. But, I can promise you I won’t be taking daily update photos of my journey to fitness. I won’t even be blogging about it.

Right now I do not have a goal for working out. I always try to set goals for things I do, maybe I will try a natural physique competition next year? I do want to run at least a 5k this summer. Maybe that is my goal…

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