Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Our Idea for a Social Experiment... with Coffee

I learned a precious lesson about resource management at work today.

Coffee is something extra valuable when imported rather than made in house.

Today, I rolled into the station with an extra coffee. Yesterday Jared the Intern went out and grabbed us both a coffee so today I provided him with some retribution Joe.

Nothing can mess with your co-workers heads like seeing that spare coffee. John and Jenny quickly questioned me as to who it was for and there were many questioning looks as I made my delivery to Jared. I quickly explained the deal, that I wasn’t favouring him or anything strange. I simply owed him a Timmys.

This got Ms.Fines and I talking about a social experiment we would like to see happen. Everyday bring someone new a coffee in the office or maybe the same person everyday and see what happens. If you bring someone new a coffee everyday ensure you leave one person out everyday.

I want to see this happen. Let me know if anyone in your office develops a complex over it, kate@mountianfm.net.  

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