Thursday, May 29, 2014

My Awesome Day in Nelson featuring Kootenay Insurance Services and Fresh Tracks Cafe Express from Whitewater

I had a kick ass day in Nelson yesterday!

Yes, my humpday was a little different than a normal day. I was on-location at Kootenay Insurance Services for their first annual Community Appreciation Day. On top of all amazing presentations to Nelson's hard working first responders I got to hang out with the AWESOME staff at the Nelson branch of Kootenay Insurance Services. We have worked with Kootenay Insurance Services in the past, they are a huge supporter of community initiatives--- last fall they actually ran a contest with us where they gave a $1000 to the Kinnaird Youth Indoor Skate Park. 

Here are John and I holding the big ole' check with Kootenay Insurance Services CEO John Sullivan. 

On top of an inspiring day with with local heroes from Nelson & Beasley Fire Department, Search & Rescue, the Nelson Police and RCMP I had a killer day food wise. 

Our awesome Account Executive Dustin picked up lunch for us from the new Fresh Tracks Cafe Express from Whitewater Ski Resort. Honestly I am getting hungry again right now at 9 am writing about my amazing burger. 

I absolutely love it when a restaurant (or in this case a food-truck) can find a way to disguise or add incentive to eat foods that I would normally not eat. With burgers it is so easy to pick off things that are outside of your comfort-zone. But, even though I don't eat wheat or onions I found myself downing every last bit of my burger. 
I had the handmade pork and BBQ duck burger. I absolutely love duck, but unfortunately rarely see it featured on menus so I was ecstatic to see it on the Fresh Tracks Cafe Express menu. Worth every carb this burger features pineapple peanut slaw, sesame caramelized onions, tomato, spinach and honey miso mayo! Yes, it was cheat day for me and I will happily admit to you that before I touched my burger I ate every last fry. I don't normally eat fries, but these fries were incredible. Perfectly crisp I did not share; I kept them all for myself. 

I absolutely loved my burger; it is how I imagine summer tastes as a flavour. Like I said, I normally do pick onions off my burgers but the caramelized onions really added to the mixture with the honey miso mayo and pineapple peanut slaw. It was the perfect combination of flavours; light and balanced. I can't wait to have this again and try it with the spelt bun!

I try to hold off mentioning things I have not tried myself. Usually whenever I eat out I am with others and we all kind of share tastes of everything, but Dustin and I had the same thing so I have only gathered taste bud feedback from the handmade pork and BBQ duck burger with fries. But, everyone at our office in Nelson has been raving about the Glory Bowl from the Wild Side of the Fresh tracks menu. Featuring roasted tofu, candied almonds, spinach, grated beets and carrots on a brown rice bed with house made dressing; it has sparked my interest and may be the first meal I have had without meat ever. Yes, I can honestly tell you I cannot remember ever eating a meal without any meat! 

I did hold off ordering the Filipino Tacos because of my recent tirade of Mexican meals from Confusion Taco and the Element, I can guarantee that I will explore this dish this summer as well. 

You can check out Fresh Tracks Cafe Express from Whitewater Ski Resort in Nelson outside of the Whitewater offices on Lake Street. Tuesdays they make an appearance in my neck of the woods in Castlegar outside the Sandman Hotel and on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays they are on Baker Street in Nelson around the 200 Block.

For the full menu from Fresh Tracks Cafe Express click here. They also have a page for you to 'like' on Facebook too! 

On top of that awesome meal I got to wash it all down with Riva water--- from Nelson! A pretty cool story, my new friends from the Okinshaw Water Company were hydrating everyone who stopped by the Kootenay Insurance Services event. With bottled water straight from the mountains near Nelson it really added to my ultra-Nelson day! 

I had such a great time with the entire crew of people who made this awesome day possible. I really hope Kootenay Insurance Services puts this event on again next year! 

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