Monday, April 14, 2014

Daily Dose of Weird - April 14, 2014 - KFC's New Chicken Corsage

Today's Daily Dose of Weird is brought to you by KFC and their new fried (or grilled) chicken corsage. It is running Americans $20 and has made my highlight reel on this ridiculous Monday.

I had a great time at prom. My date was/is a stellar guy, I had an awesome dress and I had some fast food. I opted for a trip to McDonaldland over the dirty bird, out of habit KFC closes super early in rural Nova Scotia and when you are under-age and have nothing to do on a Saturday night a trip to the McDonald’s in the next town over is the main source of fun (other than cards).
 It is my belief that too many fast-food restaurants close too early in Nova Scotia. That is not the point of this blog and a very narrow discussion point so I think I will end my rant on that here.

I love unique prom arrangements. From duct tape dresses to landing a helicopter in the soccer field instead of arriving in a limo, I look at prom as a great source of entertainment because people can get so ridiculous about it. I am one of those people. My mom complained about having to buy me a $100 stick-on bra for my strapless-dress (but had no problem forking out $800 for the dress), she would have moved heaven and earth to get the town’s Zamboni for our arrival and I was 100% okay with all of it. I’m not much of a limo girl myself, I wanted the Zamboni to symbolize my dedication to ice hockey (my sport of choice)… my dad was on the rink commission and was in no way going to allow us to break the insurance policy by driving it 500 feet away to my school for my prom entrance. Dad 1, Mom -$900.

Anyways, I am generally a big fan of outrageous prom stunts. But, not this time KFC. The KFC corsage is too much. I don’t care how much you love KFC this is just not a class move. I have had a lot of fun talking about this today, but overall I think it is just dumb. You should stop reading here, I am about to go way too in-depth on this subject.

It sparks the following questions in my curious brain. First off, who just wants one piece of chicken?  Second, do you eat it while it is still warm? Third, what if you get grease on your dress? Fourth, where do you store the gravy (everybody knows KFC is nothing without the amazing gravy)? Fifth, is it protocol to share with your date? What if he wants to eat the skin and all you want is the skin?

As you can see, I have thought WAY too much about this today. In fact it was at the top of my mind while I did my cardio at the gym. It came down to this one thought. Nova Scotian kids (sorry everyone else) who want KFC on prom night should just get a bucket and pop it in the oven after a night full of fun--- don’t let KFC closing relatively early ruin your night. Oven heat the chicken for the authentic taste and microwave the gravy… you’ve got to get the gravy! Buy and wear a normal corsage for the night so that your mother can keep it at the back of your freezer until you get married (think of how gross that chicken would be in 10 years)… and so you don’t ruin that dress you will never wear again.

Started specific, ended very specific. Now I want to go to prom… and eat KFC. 

*This is like 50% joke.... I think this is a brilliant promotion for KFC, it made me think this much about fried chicken so they are clearly doing something right!

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