Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Daily Dose of Weird May 13, 2014- Nova Scotia's Proposed Ban on Breakfast Sandwiches and Driving

My home province is the feature of today’s Daily Dose of Weird. This story makes me laugh because it is so ridiculous. I have never been in an accident because I was eating at the wheel, but before I cut out wheat I definitely was guilty of eating delicious breakfast sandwiches and driving. To be honest with you my go to driving food is chicken nuggets, not much safer when you factor in dipping sauce.

I would love to see the stats on how many morning accidents are happening in Nova Scotia. It must be absolutely staggering to warrant this response. Although, I am guessing there has not been more than a handful of occasions when people have been pulled over using electric razors… one of the other problem distractions plaguing Nova Scotian drivers. Check that, it might be one of those “only in Nova Scotia problems” that happen around our province frequently.

On a serious note, shouldn’t the argument be to ban all sandwiches while driving if we are going this far down a crazy path? What about the rush hour double-cheeseburgers? The late night grocery store clubs--- they are all equally distractingly delicious.

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