Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Happy Moments: A Quick Text That Made Me Smile :)

I know quite a few people who have been posting up photos and moments lately to promote celebrating
the happy moments from their everyday life. Lots of people have told me after committing to do it that it actually made them appreciate the little things more in life and that they really enjoyed doing it and did not want to stop after they reached their target goal or total.

I have been super stressed lately with the sudden change of moving plans and the implications for my career (etc.). Yesterday I posted a really trivial email that made me feel really happy during my stressful day. Moving back to small town Nova Scotia scares me quite a bit because I am such a big fan of travelling and new adventures. That email from TripAdvisor reminded me that in small town BC (Trail) I have managed to discover new things and that I can continue to see the world and travel from Greenwood or wherever the new chapter in my life takes me.

The text that put a big smile on my face today! 
I have LOVED living in BC. Trail, Castlegar and Nelson have all been such welcoming homes and I am so happy that part of my story has been written here.

One of the best times during my year in the Kootenays was while my friend (fellow StFX Alumni and now NSCC Grad) Tom Unwin visited and interned at our station. It was one of the most stressful times, Christmas is radio’s busy season and I was hosting my show while co-hosting the Morning Rocks. We had our major promotion “Miracle Marathon” and so many events within the community but still had lots of fun!

During Tom’s time in the Kootenays for his radio internship there were amazing acts touring, The Stanfield’s swung by one of the first nights he was here and then The Tragically Hip’s Paul Langlois stopped by while promoting his solo album. Both nights were great, but Paul happened to be visiting on a weeknight. I had to be up at 4:30am the next morning so that night I decided to man-up and pull an impromptu all-nighter.

We had an amazing time full of stories about crop-dusting and big leaguing at the show and then made our way from the Spiritbar in Nelson to Finley’s for some late night grub and tunes. It just so happened to be Karaoke night. While everyone else continued to booze, I plowed down some food. Tom and I belted “Paradise By The Dashboard Light” for the twenty people in the bar and then being the solo star that Mr.Unwin is he took to the stage to sing a song we all should have been able to guess (but could not) Loverboy’s “The Kid Is Hot Tonite”.

It was a killer night. I’m not sure I have ever been more tired for a day at work. When we finally got home to Trail I dressed myself and slept for 45 minutes on top of my bed sheets until it was time to get up and go back to Castlegar.

We had many great nights; most involved a community event and then apartment food and beer pong. These are some of the best memories I have made in my tiny little apartment and as I pack everything up I am constantly reminded of them. Mostly because I keep finding ping-pong balls everywhere…

Here is a photo from that night, I look like crap due to the long-ass day (to be honest with you I looked worse the next day). Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your perspective) the photos and video of our Meatloaf tribute are not available at the moment and maybe lost forever. Here we are with The Hip's Rob Baker, we were "big leagued" by Paul Langlois  for good reason. Our interview with Paul has also gone missing, strange... 

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