Saturday, July 19, 2014

"Sex Tape" and My First Trip to the Movies Alone

Well after a couple of months without my boyfriend kicking around the Kootenays with me I finally gave up on trying to go on adventures with other people and broke down and went to the movies by myself. I had always thought this was kind of a lonely thing to do and I am not sure that I have ever knowingly seen it happen. I am sure it has happened around me at the theatre before, I go to movies a lot, but I have never noticed it before.

I needed a good laugh last night after getting some pretty rough news, I have been steadily working-out everyday and I have been in a pretty crazy routine for the last few weeks so last night I broke from it and got a little wild with Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz in their new movie “Sex Tape”.

Clearly this movie was made for date night, it is called “Sex Tape”. A rom-com at its raunchy finest, everyone in the theatre was coupled- with their significant others and best buds. I sat mid-room, mid-row all by myself in Kootenay Centre Cinemas biggest theatre.

I’ve done a few things alone that I would never do if I had the option to lure Kevin into over the past few months. I have dined (at a restaurant, not just fast-food) by myself... okay, that is pretty much it actually, I'll be honest I haven't really pushed the envelope doing things by myself. At the beginning of the summer I made a list of things to do by myself before Kevin finishes Basic Training and I have not really done any of them. Other than eat, that one was easy. I will have a blog about that coming out next week, I had to experience the new Element “Food Truck Frenzy” menu on the first full day it was out.

Most of my time has been taken up on this challenge by reading all of the Game of Thrones books. That is something I really want to accomplish by the end of the summer and I am not doing too great at it. I am Three-quarters of the way through book two because I broke my iPad and had to replace it, killing three weeks of valuable reading time.

Part of me wants to go to Spokane today and continue to revel in my newfound independence. The other part of me is a scared little baby who wants to continue with her Saturday routine of going to the gym for a couple hours. Then spending some cool down time at McDonald’s with air-conditioning, iced coffee, some work and chats with old men. Followed by a “Sandler Saturdays” with a old Adam Sandler movie and then a SNL rerun.

Honestly, I am not sure what option to pick. I know there is no time like the present. I only have one more weekend in the Kootenays after this weekend, this is the first weekend in weeks that I have not had to be at a station function and where I am going it will be incredibly unlikely that I will be able to leave the house and go on a new adventure without requiring an airplane ticket.

Wild Kate does not want to wait another second before getting in the car and going to Spokane. That is about 5% of me at age 25; she really does not want to finish typing this sentence.

The other 95% of me is extremely rational. Reasoning that going to the movie last night was two hours of laughs that would have been much better if there was someone to share them with. I learned a lesson last night, one I learned along time ago when I went on a big adventure across the pond, most things in life are better when you are doing them with the awesome people you know and love.

Unfortunately today that is not an option for whatever reason. Today I have to continue, “doing Kate”. That’s not dirty, when you say it out loud in a sassy way it is a catch phrase.

“Sex Tape” was a decent movie. Raunchy as hell, a great date movie. Maybe not a first date movie, but then again I know couples who saw “There’s Something About Mary” as a first date movie and they went on to procreate, so why not?

On the topic of “Sex Tape” and Cameron Diaz, I think I could write an entire blog on how amazing her body is. I actually used to hate everything Diaz was in except for “The Sweetest Thing” (who could hate that movie?) but over the past few years I have become a big fan. She is bomb. One of the few actresses in Hollywood who seems to get better with age, I think she is WAY hotter now than ever before in her career. Again, I could write an entire blog about this.

One more thing about "Sex Tape", it is not a horrible movie. Critics have panned it but they hate comedies so I am not concerned with what they have to say. It is not a brilliant movie, but good for some easy laughs. One thing you will notice is that Rob Lowe looks like a nerdy adult version of Zac Effron. It is strange and kind of great.

Will I go to the movies alone again? I’m not sure. I love feeling of having someone to look over at for those relatable moments that pop up during movies; I enjoy the feeling that something on the big screen could feel like it is part of an inside joke from our average day-to-day lives. I do this a lot; if you ever go to a movie with me you will learn this quickly. Also, my laugh is really creepy to hear alone in a room full of other people laughing. Without anyone in your general proximity it kind of makes you feel like you are in a horror movie surrounded by other people that you cannot see and do not know.

Will I go to Spokane today? Who knows…

Have you ever gone to the movies alone? What did you see? What did you think of the experience? 

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