Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Goat's Daily Dose of Weird: July 08- The Potato Salad Kickstarter Campaign

I had been avoiding talking about this very hot topic because I think it is ridiculous. I skipped it yesterday but today I had a wild BBQ craving and all I could think about was chowing down. I started thinking about the one food item I would pay crazy money to eat and it eventually led me to today’s Daily Dose of Weird.

Zack Danger Brown launched his Kickstarter Campaign for $10 for Potato Salad and as of 4:48pm on August 8, 2014 he has raised well over $45,000; all thanks to the generous contributions of over 4,300 people.

This is absolutely crazy. I will be honest with you; I have never had potato salad. I prefer to focus on the meatier dishes on the menu, but it sounds like Zack has the same love for potato salad that I have for ribs. Ribs are my favourite dish, but out of respect for precious rib meat I do not attempt to make them because I could never make the magic with them that they deserve. I think the only food Kickstarter I could ever contribute to would have to be for ribs. I love ribs.

For the latest update on Zack’s campaign to make some potato salad for the first time click here. I could spend lots of time and energy updating this page but I already feel I have put too much effort into this silly topic. 

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