Thursday, July 24, 2014

Happy Moments: You Jelly? :)

Today’s happy moment is not only a reminder of something that put a big ole’ smile on my face today, it is a reminder that I need to learn how to make jalapeño jelly.  I am so fortunate to have met many great people while living in the Kootenays and one of them is a Vista Kootenays Account Executive names Ray Evin. Not only did I get to meet one of the members of one of my favourite bands growing up Lillix (his niece Tasha) but because he surprises me with wonderful treats every week.

The fresh kale that finds a home on my desk is amazing but my absolute favourite thing that Ray treats me to is his homemade jalapeño jelly. I put that (wonderful) shit on everything! Seriously, it was on my desk this morning and it has been part of every meal I have had today. On my bacon cheeseburger for lunch and on the chicken ranch club flatout sandwich that I had for supper.

I can't wait to feature it on my lunch tomorrow and find a way to incorporate it on my low-carb chicken bacon pizza for supper.

Note to self: Learn to make jalapeño jelly; you really won't be able to do without it when you leave the Kootenays.

Side note: As I type this I am finishing the very last episode of Parks and Recreation and I feel like part of my soul has been crushed.

Update: Moments after typing that last sentence I googled Parks and Recreation and realized that the unity concert was not the end of the show and that it will be back for a final season (seven) for 2014-2015. I am double happy right now. Until Parks and Recreation returns I guess I will have to just settle with watching Welcome to Sweden again (the first time I watched it a couple of months ago none of the Swedish bits had subtitles because it was the Swedish version that went to air so I feel like I missed a whole lot of what was happening). *

*That's right, I have only been watching Parks and Recreation for the last two months and I thought there was only six seasons. I always considered myself more of a 30 Rock girl, but after going to 30 Rockefeller Plaza I get sad because I do not live in New York. This has made me find room in my heart for both of these incredible shows and forced me to discover that I am not a Liz or Leslie, I am a strange combination of the two characters. Lizlie? 

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