Monday, July 28, 2014

Kootenay Festival 2014

I had an amazing time at Kootenay Festival Saturday! Unfortunately it took me a day to bounce back from all the sun and heat, but I can finally tell you all about it on this Monday afternoon!

What can I say; the Kootenays are home to amazing artists from all walks of life. Whether their craft is perfect wood oven fired pizza or creating amazing home décor woodworking, there is a place for it at Kootenay Festival!

On top of all of the physical art the stage was packed with incredible acts from the moment the festival kicked off at 10:30am (with the Scottie School of Highland Dance) to the closing act Cod Gone Wild who played until 7pm. All of the musical acts delivered and I was blown away by the dance troops that took the stage too.

One performer that really impressed me was Bobby Bovenzi; not only did he perform he instructed. His interactive drum and dance circle is not to be missed if you ever have the chance to see it and take part make sure you do! He had absolutely everyone involved cheering and chanting along with the pounding rhythm drums and noise-makers. It was a highlight of my day.
Bobby Bovenzi left the crowd in awe! 
Every festival I attend I break from my normal dietary habits and indulge like a person who has never seen food before; Kootenay Festival was no different. I had a little bit of everything. I always try to order up things that I am not skilled enough to make at home, that normally leads me to Kootenay Filipino food. Of course I had to order up their amazing pork rolls.

I added Gypsy Wagon Wood-Fired Catering to my festival menu for the first time with their incredible breakfast pizza (that is scrambled egg on the pizza). If you followed my blog while I visited La Jolla’s Open Aire Market earlier this year you know how much I love a good breakfast pizza! 

And, with the heat I HAD to hit up both JillyBean’s Ice Cream truck for a waffle cone and have a little breakfast gelato from Nelson’s Little Miss Gelato. How can you say no to bubblegum gelato? It was so hot that I sweat out all the calories throughout the day; that’s how that works right?

Good Ol' Goats
It was such a fabulous day, I spent it with the two people I am thankful for that made me smile (yes doubling up on a happy moment and event blog). Liam, for ordering a medium bag of kettle corn that was the size of a small child and Idaylia for being her always cheerful, helpful self.

I do have to just note a couple of talented musicians who took the stage during the festival that were remarkable. They guys from Roy Has Fire never fail to disappoint and rock every show they play. The Good Ol’ Goats were showstoppers and had everyone clapping, dancing and moving their feet. Last but not least Cod Gone Wild made me feel like I was back at home on the East Coast rocking out downtown Halifax at the Commons.

Cod Gone Wild!
Kootenay Festival 2014 was one for the books! To find out more about next year’s celebration click here.

One more thing, this photo snaps a moment in Castlegar’s history that is pretty cool. Castlegar’s sister city in Ebetsu, Japan sent representatives to help celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the city’s twinning.

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