Friday, July 4, 2014

The Goat's Daily Dose of Weird: July 04, 2014- The 2014 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest

Competitive eating is something I should have gotten into at a young age. Maybe if I had of trained a little as a competitive eater I would not be the world’s slowest eater. Yes, that is a title I could hold. I eat unbearably slow.  If we ever dine together and I order a salad expect to be at the table for a while, I could be in contention for the world’s slowest person who likes to consume salads.

Today’s Daily Dose of Weird talks about a subject that is pretty much the opposite of that, Joey “Jaws” Chestnut and his big win today at the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. He threw back 61 hot dogs in 10 minutes.

“Jaws” thought it would be the perfect time to pop the question, here is a special moment that happened before the big contest. why not eh?

For more on Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest click here.

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