Thursday, June 19, 2014

June 19, 2014- Castlegar Sculpture Walk Sculpture of the Day “Playful Souls”

I am wild about this sculpture! It has been a horsey week for me, my mother’s horse foaled last week so I have been a little homesick. Spring is the best time to live on a farm with baby animals popping up left, right and centre!

Today’s sculpture is another small work that is incredibly detailed. “Playful Souls” sits on the corner outside Mountain High Lighting (one of the sculpture’s sponsors) across the street from another piece I have featured in my blog series “Eye of the Wind”.

Another neat thing about “Playful Souls” is that the artist behind this beautiful metalwork sculpture is from the West Kootenays. I have somehow managed to pick two sculptures from Nelson back-to-back in my blog posts! I try to devote a fair amount of time and praise to each sculpture but I do feel a little unfair love and pride for West Kootenay artists featured on the Castlegar Sculpture Walk; like Simone Schlichting!

Not only is Schlichting an impressive sculptress, she also crafts impressive jewelry at her business Valhalla Studios.  For more on her incredible equine inspired jewelry you can click here.

Slowly but surely we are getting through Castlegar’s Sculpture Walk 2014! I am still torn on what sculpture will get my vote for the “Peoples Choice Award”. After a very horsey, homesick week I can totally see it going to “Playful Souls”.

Today I was inspired by the “Playful Souls” and the message behind it; I went to Nelson and had a tame night on the town (it is a Thursday) and played rather than hunkering in for a night of show prep and a routine weeknight. Why? Well, because like animals sometimes we need to get out and play.

Fair warning, this was another sculpture impossible to capture in all of its glory in one photo. Please visit it and check it out for yourself! 

For more on “Playful Souls” click here.

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