Monday, June 23, 2014

The Goat's Daily Dose of Weird: June 23, 2014- Exchange Student Gets Stuck In A Vagina Sculpture

Today's Daily Dose of Weird mixes awkward early adulthood with awkward artwork. 

Yes, I said it. Climbing into a vagina statue for a weird rebirth selfie is a strange thing to do. With that being said I am guessing my first reaction to a 32-ton giant vagina sculpture would most likely to be to take a less than refined selfie with it myself. I don't think I would jump in and start a weird Benjamin Button still photo. I'm a lady who does not "scooch" through areas so I doubt I would put myself in this tight situation! 

Clearly this sculpture needs to be housed at a European University’s Institute for Microbiology and Virology for good reason, I’m betting European students are much more mature and able handle giant genitalia without snapping photos with it. Specifically this sculpture can be found Tübingen University.

I would be pretty annoyed to be one of the German Firefighters called to the scene. Imagine that phone call. 

But, I think this kid has definitely learned a lesson that kids are (hopefully) learning more and more these days: don't take photos of yourself doing stupid things because as funny as they are when things go horribly wrong people will not be laughing with you; they will be laughing at you. I laughed at this kid, I hope you did too. I hope he learned his lesson and that he has prevented heavier students from messing about in the vajayjay in the future!

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