Friday, June 20, 2014

The Goat's Daily Dose of Weird: June 20, 2014- Sex At The World Cup

It has been a while since I shared a “Daily Dose of Weird” radio break. With all the changes things have been really busy! Today’s topic is red hot, the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. By all accounts the 2014 World Cup is the sexiest tournament ever (not really sure why that matters but it has been constantly brought up). Yesterday I discussed the HUGE demand for the unofficial World Cup condom on sale exclusively in Brazil, today the topic was about the sexual activity the players are allowed (or not allowed) to partake in.

For the full read about the Brazilian unofficial/official World Cup condoms from makers (ironically named) Prudence click here.

Like I say in my radio break I think it is way more ridiculous to have a grey area in your team’s sexual policy for World Cup. Yes or no, one or the other; I think the grey area will just get people in trouble and it is confusing. Also, Brazil we get it you are not normally vanilla in-bed but to have to say no acrobatic sex, is that necessary?  What does that even mean? Also, who is enforcing these “rules” and who would be a big enough jerk to taddle? For Time’s look at what teams can take part in bedroom behavior and to what extent click here

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