Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 24, 2014- Castlegar Sculpture Walk Sculpture of the Day “Dreamer”

Yesterday I featured the goddess standing guard of Columbia Avenue; today I am featuring the Watchman who stands a few steps off of Columbia Ave. “Dreamer”.  “Dreamer” stands guard outside of the Castlegar RCMP detachment and Castlegar's City Hall.

We have been working closely with RCMP Constable Rob Gardner over the past couple of days because Jenny and John took part in the big Cops for Kids fundraiser “Jail & Bail” at Castlegar Boston Pizza. I am so proud of them; they raised over $1100 in just over an hour while they were locked up!

I know this is a little off topic, but you can check out the video of Constable Rob Gardner here. The “summons” cracked me up; he did an excellent job “arresting” the Morning Herd Hosts!

For more on Cops for Kids and how to support a very important cause that helps our community click here

Back to “Dreamer”, this incredible sculpture standing a few steps off of Columbia Ave. reminds me of Supertramp’s song that shares the same name. Except this guy has his hands on his hips instead rather than his head. I have thought about this a surprising amount as I passed by “Dreamer” on my walks.

“Dreamer” is unlike any other sculpture on the walk, a metal work that is extremely detailed, large and as you can see reflective. I like “Dreamer” because he to me represents a futuristic, robotic man. As a person who spends eight hours a day in a room listening to music pretty much alone, I think the best way I can describe dreamer is by comparing him to music. If you combine Styx’s “Mr.Roboto” with Supertramp’s “Dreamer” I believe you would the character behind the sculpture “Dreamer” exhibited as part of Castlegar’s Sculpture Walk, just a thought.

“Dreamer” is an international sculpture coming from Rik Beuselinck who is from Belgium. For more on “Dreamer” and Beuselinck click here.

To check out my previous Castlegar Sculpture Walk featured blog on the Goddess of Columbia Avenue, “Groundling” click here.

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